Tuesday, September 30, 2008

gender not-so-neutral

We baught skylar a train set for her 3rd birthday, in hopes that jereme and her would spend quality time building tracks and zooming the cars. now a year later, that has happened maybe... a handful of times, and not on her own prompting. however, the train is getting loads of attention from timby. i have had these discussions with loads of my parent friends, how despite or best efforts to maintain a gender neutral play environment, boys will be boys and girls, well, girls. skylar loves to play fairie princess, and timber loves,LOVES, the train set. but i guess it is still a winning situation, since, as you can see, though Jeremiah loves cars trains and trucks to no avail, he is most excited to play princesses with skylar too!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

september...say it with me, september

probably my favorite month. beautiful colours, warm sun but great sweater weather. lot's of celebrations and big milestones. i like the way the word september looks and sounds. our september looked like this...
*(technically august) a trip to calgary with gramma with a sunkissed stop in bowden at the sunflower corn maze.

*a quiet long weekend in cold lake. (needed after a frightening car accident.)

*then a relaxing day with the lovely lauren at the cabin. washing vieggies, playing in the yard, cooking yummy food and bathing skylar in the kitchen sink.

*september continues into a whirlwind week where skyli heads to pre-skool for a 3 day week which ends with her 4th birthday. we have a small-ish party at granaans & grampa's place.

*but itdoesn't end there. as of september 20th i have been married to this beautiful man 5 years. he took me to dinner and then to a B&B.

*and if that wasn't enough, timber learned to crawl (army style), we saw lot's of ethan and the twins, had papa stay at our house and spent lot's of time with the rozema-parkers before they go victoria.

all that and the month is not even done yet.