Monday, July 21, 2008

the smell of rain

i so love the smell of rain. in many ways i wish that my four legged friend myka and could have our evening walk and be soaked with it. a few weeks ago when we were on a walk as a family, we were hit with a flash flood. all soaked to the bone. as jereme and i took turns running the kids home in the wagon, squeels of delight and laughter filled the air. skylar burst out "o-my goodness, this is FUN!" and it was. but tonight and the next 6, leave us solo parenting. jer is off coaching the u21 team for worlds ( visit so myka is missing her late night walk. How was calgary you may wonder? well we are impressed. we are seeing results already, though we will have to go for more treatments and there is alot of follow up steps that i am ultimatly responsible for, i am confident that if i am vigilant in prayer, and do the work, that the two will work together to = success.
these are my favorite 2 photos of our girl from the trip.
thanks for the prayers keep 'em coming.

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jz2 + faz = heart said...

love love love those are both so pretty...this comment should link you to our blog.