Tuesday, July 14, 2009

alive, breathing, loving...

we do still exsist. we have upgraded to a new and lovely computer and have such been able to unload the camera.
what to share with you??? so much and so little has occured all at the same time. i guess the least i can sahre is that we are all well, enjoying each other and the life we are creating. our world is filled u with activities of all sorts. Kayaking, working, trips, camps, friends, home things...
i will condense the photo's to the following and attempt to stay more up to date as the future plays out. and apparently i don't quite get this photo thing, these are displayed newest to oldest and i can not turn the sideways ones so i guess turn your head.

Here is me and the kids at the childrens festival in may.
We also took a trip to the calgary zoo in may.
Here are the kids looking at the hippo's.
This photo of skylar and i is at her schools mothers day tea.
We did music with Hadlee.
Nikki got married and we, the bridesmaids, threw her a kickin' shower with pampered chef.
Easter came,
and so did spring.
We had New Years with the Davies, here is Jer with his little brothers.
A picture of Jer and the kids at christmas.
And Skyli with her gingerbread house.


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Mrs. Spit said...

I've sure missed you! Things have been crazy around here, and we keep missing church, and I've popped into the second cup, and you are never there!