Wednesday, January 20, 2010

here i am!

So, i fear that this post will be a bit disjointed as i try to play catch up with the events of our lives this winter thus far. Lets go back into the tail end of november, a few things worth mentioning are; being mommy helper at skylars school for a bread baking day.

One day i woke to an empty family bed and a suspiciously quiet house, when i came down the stair i was greeted with the statement,:WELCOME TO CANDY LAND!!!" and the following image...

[please not the length of skylars hair in these two photo's and compare it with these.]

the product of mommy's scrapbooking weekend and daddy's nap.
December was spent decorating the house for the big birthday celebration, enjoying advent and preparing for our home made christmas and annual open house.

and we spent that morning, (the open house morning) shooting for a family photo.

and there. next post we will cover christmas and into the new year. wishing you merry-ment.

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU!! hahah mostly cause another blog to read just helps me to procrastinate a little bit more...
lots of love!