Monday, June 28, 2010

The ER

I ,@ this moment, find myself in the emergency room for the second time in the last 1.5weeks. I Loath ER! The last trip had me taking my panic ridden, barely breathing father to the Alec . I really hate it there because that is where under the direction of a ccrotchety nurse, and against my better judgement, I lost my baby and no choice but to flush her tiny, very tiny, being down a hospital toilet. I hate the Alec.

Tonight I find myself at the U. Typically not a trigger for me. Other than the fact that Gran died here, I find it a decent place. It is the place that saved my husband as a child and likewise my Timby, but it is an ER. And the wait is insane!
Sitting here, catching up on email and bogs, ( yay iPhone) a frantic couple comes in. And I know, even before I see the blood and cots dripping down her legs and soaking through her beautiful skirt, she is loosing her child.
That's what I find the most hard, that in any moment, on any given day-BOOM! There is the memory, there come the tears, the pain & the nurses snarky voice saying " well you could go home, but if you could save this pregnancy, wouldn't you want to at least try?"



Mrs. Spit said...

Sometimes I think we should set up a committee, and sit in ER's in rotation, giving companionship with women who are losing their babies.

Why do the nurses have to be so awful?

Anonymous said...

So sorry Lins.

I have never experienced that or known someone going through that but I can imagine that it is just horrible.

Good Timing said...

I can totally sympathise. :( I never went to the ER, just stayed home, which I am glad of. My u/s tech was a total bitch though. Why are people so damn insensitive?
How come you are at the ER now?? Thinking of you, I will call you soon! xoxo

jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

lyns...i feel like you disappeared off the face of the earth.....i lOVE you. jennyxoxoxox.