Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Road trip Tuesdays.

I always have these sweet dreams of summer break. Accomplishing much, doing little, laughing, playing, visiting, reading and napping. all seem very likely until the reality of the everyday reminds me otherwise. But with the first 3 weeks of summer vacay done, I am planing for fun from here on in.
Firstly, I took the rest of the summer "off" so to speak. I will answer my phone and redirect emails but as far as live-local work goes, that's it!
Secondly, I spent an evening with great company, in Puddle boots trompsing thru the fields at j&j's farm last week. So refreshing!!!
Thirdly, I am designating certain fun things for certain days of the week and we started roadtrip Tuesdays today.

Our road adventure lead us to Alberta beach. Once I got over the shock of the disapearing lake, ( a common problem in these parts which grips my enviromentalist heart strings) the wee ones and I quite enjoyed ourselves. We took a long country road to and fro and enjoyed songs, gum, a picnic lunch and digging in the sand.

Photos to come. I plan to do a bit of a photo catching up here as part of he summer funness!
Stay tuned. And if you are In the mood, and available, we've got room in our auto for one more next tuesday.

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Mrs. Spit said...

I would so say pick me, but alas, I have to work. Maybe on my vacation week.