Monday, October 4, 2010


I meant to, I really did, to post something substantial throughout the last month. considering september is a pretty active month around here. but alas, life took more out of me than i anticipated.

september consisted of the following...

my peach started grade 1!

I trained for my bike ride with friends

and then kicked @$$ on the 158km ride

then miss sky turned 6 and i had 4 giggly girls celebrating with a pink pampered princess party

And the wee mr started pre-school, ahhh so fast...

these little cold lake people celebrated their 1st birthday's

i fell more and more in love with biking, did 60k around pigeon lake

and this last weekend matt (above) & i did canmore to banff & back in +26C!!! Ya baby!


jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said... look so hardcore!!! awesome job! is so good to see you happy and full of life:)much love from jennyxoxoxox.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!!! Love you! :)

Good Timing said...

I love all the pics you biking superstar, you!! I also love the title of your post, so appropriate! :) xoxo