Thursday, November 20, 2008


so,the last year has flown by.until i was a mother myself, i thought that was a cliche. how did we get from this baby,

to this boy?

time just goes. this time last year we would have been discovering timbers heart condition. this was a very scary timefor us & now we are through so much of it. GOD is so good. next week we will meet with the cardiologist to determin the next leg of the journey which i expect to be low key. i took this and the last photo the last morning timber was a on year age. i love them. i am posting the ever popular 1st cake on the 1st birthday photo too.

and once back @ home timby thought that since he was now one he would just help himself to some grapes in the fridge. after all he is a big boy now.


Mrs. Spit said...

I remember. My midwife moved my appointment so she could be there for this wee one. A wonderful day all around!

Anonymous said...

I love my timby .. that right I said it...HES MINE!! hahahah well until he screams and scrams then he can be yours...