Thursday, January 15, 2009

the new season

to plagerise my dear friend josh's blog entry *
"so yes, it has been a long time. perhaps my longest break ever. dargh. i was actually somewhat fearful that i'd be overwhelmed and just give it up altogether. but here we go. . ."
the longer i wait the harder it gets. but just a belated merry christmas to all you devoted friends. we will load up photo's and gush all about the festivities soon.

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Anonymous said...

okay okay okay... I will not let you go one month at a time before posting anything becasue even I could find soem excititng story or funny words to post about your children at least once a week.... lets get moving.. you can use my computer anytime as it does have a space bar.. and welll we know I cant charge it at my hosue so I might just be moving to your couch a bit mroe than usual :D
love you