Friday, August 14, 2009


YAY! the photo's are posted. But is just my computer or do they appear a little pixleish? So the adventures of july started for us the 2nd weekend when we went to the wild mountain music festival in hinton. It was the cutest little misic fest. We saw lots of good music up close and personal. And there was lots of dancing room for the kids. We camped out in the nearby field and had very friendly "nieeeegh"bours. (see the horses) This weekend had some hot days and started our month of music and searching for nearby water to cool ourselves. This brought on an impromptu trip from hinton into Jasper. Where skylar found a big piece of driftwood that she was determined to use for surfing. The kids and spent a few days with mel and brandon preparing for the wedding and they are conveniently located in sylvan lake so that was fun. And then there is us at the calgary folkfest along the bow river. we made several cool-off trips. Timber did some boldering and skylar went for a tip. We did more dancing, tarping, and more cooling off.eventually the family crashed on the big blue tarp. And we ended the month the same as we always end July, with Jeremes birthday party. bye bye july. stay tuned for august long at laurens family cabin oasis.

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