Monday, August 31, 2009

like momma said

Yesterday was a bad day. you know, nothing in particular, just a bunch of stuff pled up to make for a series of irritating events that make for a day one wishes not to repeat. the highlight of badness was when skylar threw a ball in the house. Inevitably that ball hit a special vase and it tumbled to the floor breaking in an irreparable fashion. You know the vase that we used at our wedding, the only one we kept. it is unique and used for long, tall flowers, like the sunflowers we buy every february to remember Hadessa, the baby we lost between Skylar and Timber. sure it is just a vase and it is a part of being a parent, but like my momma, and her momma, i myself have said, DO NOT TROUGH BALLS IN THE HOUSE! and in a response of irritation, i would like to point out that Jereme is responsible for letting the balls be thrown n the house. :p
Here are some photos from funner days spent this august.

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Anonymous said...

why are the pictures so tiny??? Bad days really suck :( I love to see that you are now keeping the blog up to date, gives me something to distract myself during all my very "excititng" classes this semester :)
Love you!