Wednesday, September 30, 2009

remember september.

So skylar learnt how to pump her own swing this summer and is now enjoying the freedom of swinging at great heights at her own leisure.

Timber is just plain old cute as a button. growing more and more into a little boy, and becoming less of a baby everyday.

September 12th is skylars birthday and this year we had a royal ball complete with piniata and a dance. 4 years olds with a stick and a blindfold proved to be less dangerous that i thought, but also took a lot longer that anticipated to break into the loot filled mache.

september has always proven to be a busy month for us. My family has a load of birthdays and celebrations, (hence the annual cold lake long weekend mentioned last post.). This year proved to be no different, adding two new lives into the mix. This little man was welcomed into my niece's arms on the 19th. He is called Bentley.

just 9+ hours later, my little sister welcomed in to her life this little miss. Alexis was born on our anniversary, the 20th. Both of the new creatures are lovely and gorgeous. These babies are dangerous!

And that is that. Tomorrow we move into october, a month of frigid temperatures and much to be thankful for.

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Anonymous said...

the picture of timber with teh baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!
LOve ya!