Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thinking about...

sometimes life deals us too much it would seem. when that happens i think back to the journal i kept in bible college. a time when i was so in love with Jesus and all the insight of him i could get my hands n. i still love Jesus but life ha filled up alot of the open space i once had. today i had a long conversation with a lovely woman in my life, who's life seems to have dealt her too much. (you know who you are*) and after an honest tearful conversation, i found myself thinking of the journal. full of my favorite "pearls of wisdom". And i thought that i would share a few.

We are NOT worthless, we are so very PRECIOUS, for we have been bought at a price...a very costly price: sealed with crimson red.

Clouds of doubt are created when the warm, moist air of our expectations meets the cold air of Gods silence.

"...But the LORD is faithful, and he WILL STRENGTHEN and protect you from the evil one!"2Th 3:3

" ...consider this: you do not support the root, but the root supports you" Rm 11:18

Give light unto my eyes oh Lord, even when it hurts, shine on me and let me see the truth of your own words. Give light unto my eyes...i lift my soul to you. here my cry tonight Lord, give me faith a new.


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