Friday, August 6, 2010

Learn something new

Here's a leason you all can learn via my opps!
1: DO NOT put your phone into your pocket when using the toilet or assisting others to use the toilet.
2: WHEN the iPhone that you placed in your pocket falls out into the toilet, DO reach in after it immediatly & if need be DO give it mouth to phone ressesitation!
3: apparently you should NOT try turning it or be pushing buttons repeditivly. but you should put it in a bag of rice for 2 days and then it should dry out and work for you!
4: say thanks to your friends who said iPhone prayers because it works again & review lesson1!

(FYI ityped this on my restored iPhone!)

1 comment:

Good Timing said...

LOL!! Glad it is still working okay after the toilet debacle we had!! :P