Tuesday, November 17, 2009

amazing racing

Wow! so my Jereme has been planing to go on this missions trip to a country that is a bit difficult to get into. He is on a team and they have gone about things in the correct manner taking time to prepare and organize. Jereme applied for his travel visa for this country with plenty of time to spare but it was out right rejected do to a a less than $1 error on his part. (why not just send notice to collect the outstanding amount???) So anyways he resent the request, incurring more costs for priority mail and re applying fee's. With a few days more than the required amount needed we waited. And waited and waited. The online status remained as processing for weeks. until thursday when it declared it had been sent. So with baited breathe we hoped it would arrive in time to depart this monday (16th). On an international flight leaving at 12:20p.m one is strongly advised to be at the airport 2 hours pre flight, but is required to be there 1 hour prior. That meant at the absolute latest we had to leave our North west central home by 10:40 to have any hope at catching that plane. And would you believe that our mail arrived late? After running down the mail carrier Jereme had his passport and Visa in hand at 10:30 and we were on route by 10:33. He dashed into the departure doors with 9 minutes to check in and clear security. Have you ever seen the amazing race? well that was what i was like, only with kids in tow. Some of the quotables from the event,
"I left my passport on the roof! on the F*&@ing roof! Pull over-PULL OVER! oh no actually here it is, Get going, GET GOING!" -jer
Shut -up just let me drive. I know how to get us there fast because i am late for everything all the time!" -Lyns
"Momma when you drive like this fastness, i think i am going to throw-up! can you slow down?" -skyli
"Nope i can't. Here is a plastic bag, if you have to, then throw up into it, ok?" - lyns

And then suddenly, he was gone. and it all hit me. when i told skylar i was crying because i was emotional, she came up with the reasoning that emotional is a big feeling of sadness mixed in with a big feeling of happy. I like that. kids are so lovely in their simpleness! so now i play solo in this game of life for the next 2 weeks. wish me god speed, cus luck has nothing to do with it.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha loved the quotes :)
God is amazing...and bless the mailman!!