Monday, November 9, 2009

who are these people?

So i ventured out for my evening. no nightly walk with myka and found skylars pumpkin smashed at the edge of our lawn. I thought i'd heard someone on our porch earlier but since it didn't start a barking fit, i thought i was mistaken. who does that? comes up on my porch to grab a perfectly good pumpkin, not even carved, and smashes it? i just do not understand. And while walking i discovered another poor squash who had met pavement a few house down. this ticks me off. the nerve! Jerk faces!
promise to post recent-ish photo's soon. this one is of me by Timber on halloween. by budding photographer.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, so many blog updates...maybe you should get sick more often?? kidding! hmm about pumpkin smashing.. it is really fun.. its too bad that they had to smash your pumpkin though... at least it wasnt carved, making it have slightly less sentimental value? Just trying to look at the bright side... its a good thing you explained the picture because otherwise Id worry the swine flu made you go mad ...
Love you :)