Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's about Thanks

This is Adrian. Lauren loves him, and we love Lauren and therefore we have fallen in love with Adrian too. He is wonderful even if he let's Timber drink soda pop. ( Don't do that Adrian!) Adrian is a soldier and I had the experience of standing with Lauren last month in the hanger out at the base where we said goodbye as he headed off in one of the current deployments to Kandahar. That was a really hard day. It was WAY harder than I thought and having him in our lives has challenged my thinking on all this war/soldier/army business. And i think if Steven, getting ready for the Sudan. I think of Miranda and Ollie. Today at Skylars school assembly they played a video, (find it here,)
(hope that works.) It's called soldier. I thought it was great, because it was kinda to me. I call them fighters, I don't like what they do, but things are different when you love the person in the uniform. When you have seen those families say goodbye. And it isn't that I don't appreciate all that our forces have done and will do or that I am Naive to what it means. I am well aware. I come from a millitary family, but I am a lover and ... well there is so much to it. But on remembrance day, it isn't about what I think or where I stand on certain issues. It is about saying thanks.

So thank you! Thank you Adrian, and Steven for serving now. Thank you Daddy, and Grandpa, and Super Grandpa. Thank You Uncle Royden, Bill, Andy. Aunty Deb and Karen. Thank you too all that I do not know but who serve. Thank you for your risk. Gods Peace be with you.


Good Timing said...

Very good post. I also played that song for my kids at school yesterday. it is very well said. Thank you for Remembering. xoxo

Anonymous said...

just so you cant say I dont comment every time!! Even though I verbalized my comment to you haha... I like this picture of us... we are ridiculously cute and sickly into eachother.. I amm very proud of my boy... but I dont want him to go back :(
I love you.. keep up with all teh posts! See you soon