Tuesday, May 25, 2010


FINALLY, after forty-three weeks of waiting, i graced the world with my presence. My mom must of had her dates wrong b/c i was three weeks late. yikes! since my babes have come early, i can not fathom 40 or more weeks of pregnancy.
but needless to say, it has set the president for my life as i am still usually running late.

Thank you to all who sent me voice mails, texts, emails and cards. it was a really nice day and i enjoyed it. had a massage (thanks to sweet emma's free babysitting), got gorgeous flowers and a movie night out, saw friends and of coarse ate whatever i wanted in mass quantities!

and the birthday week will continue on. we love to celebrate! but the eating needs to settle down. i feel a bit like sausage.

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Anonymous said...

hey sausage! I love you!