Monday, May 17, 2010

because i have to write something

CELEBRATING: nothing this week. which is odd because we have a multitude of may celebrations including my birthday! last week we celebrated many things, adrians return from war as one of them.
SEWING: the pieces of my life back together. this is taking more effort than i anticipated and it seems i am 'all thumbs'. (and i have a lousy thimble it would seem as well.)
READING (hard copy):not much of anything other than night time stories to the children.
READING ( online):
mostly just things work related. tonight was my first online encounter with the real world in about a week+.
has been great! i started my 10K's. i am one race behind the team, but have done well. last sunday marni & i did it in 1hr 10min's, and this sunday we ran it in 1hr 5min's. that feels good. it's the only time i seem to have clarity these days. because i am ...
OBSESSING OVER:everything. money, time, decisions, food, children, the house, jobs etc... the list goes on and on and...
too much, i suspect. especially about the unimportant things and not enough about the right ones.

thanks for checking in here. i will post the easter pics some day. and i will get through this. i will! i will!

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Anonymous said...

Keep trucking! :)
(and just for your pleasure hahahaha... even though there was no reason to laugh today)