Thursday, November 19, 2009

looooong autumn

Okay, so it has been like the longest fall this year. Not ever because i remember a few years ago when we still did NOT have snow on Christmas, but it is still unusually 'nice' with temps as high as 17C. That lets me feel that i am still on schedule here with a post about fall. I start with the Terry Fox run at skyli's school. She was a track star. ( the girl loves to run) doing 5 full laps. Timber and i jogged along behind. ( she is the one on the left of the two girls holding hands.)

Next we move into my fall photo shoot. I thought this would be one of the last nice days. And i guess it was since then we moved into a week of deep freeze and snow. (See my one october post. if i was advanced in my tech skills i would have you be able to click the word post and it would go there. one day i will posses the ability.)

you'll notice that sky is more than willing to pose for the camera and play model.

and Timby, not so much.

note the girlish hair cut? apparently mommy only knows how to do fem-type hair trims. opps!

we also headed out on what we thought would be our last autumn walk that evening

we went out to the farm (vriends, again would link you to my post on the market if i was in the know.) we had a feast for thanksgiving and just enjoyed the comfort of friends and food. the fields were blanketed with snow at this time.

skylar and i have created a harvest tale the last few years and it has become our little tradition. we go about collecting items the start of october and set them up to take us through thanksgiving and into halloween.

i am looking forward to cooking up these squash as the weather gets cooler.

and my big accomplishment was turning all these empty jars...

into full beauties of canned...
b.c. market fresh peaches. YUM! we have been enjoying these delicious treats.
it was a lovely day with my gran in my tiny kitchen. i am so thankful i was able to learn this seemingly lost art.


Anonymous said...

So many blog posts and it makes me so happy :) I cant believe we still have fall, now that I cant ski I am not complaining at all. Im sure one day you will master the link skill as you seemingly have now figured out the words with the pictures thing :) see you next week sometime probably/hopefully
much love :)

Mrs. Spit said...

I will happily trade a bottle of peaches for some training on blogger. . . .