Tuesday, February 23, 2010

counting down

3 sleeps until it is all over! Jereme will be done school for good. Well for good with this trade, and he will be home and our lives can return to the kaos that we call normal. as opposed to the insanity that is life now. we are planning on having a kid free weekend and getting stuff done around the house. We will go to a movie, out to eat and such, but we want to get some spring cleaning done too.
I have completed my first month at my new job and think i have fared okay. i only see it getting better so that is a plus. that means i need to give notice at the cup. and that will be a bit tough, but i clearly can not continue on there. i have to grow up now. and it is really not healthy in so many ways. lots of temptations. so count down to quitting time too i guess.
and there are 30 something days left in my lent journey to gentleness and self control. this has proven to be just as difficult as i had hoped it wouldn't be. maybe i am destined to a life of being a harsh self indulgent woman! no strike that, i am: gentle, i can use self control, i will succeed!
i am sleepy and i don't have anything all that exciting to say, just wanted to let all you devote followers to know i am alive and (pretty) well.

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