Thursday, February 25, 2010

high five!

So today was just a day. i thought i would list five highlights though. so here they are in no particular order.
1) Timber had his butt changed in the middle of the mercedes parking lot. Yup there we were, outside our so non mercedes car, pants down around the ankles, hinney covered in stinky, for all the elite car purchasers to adore. what can i say, you do what you gotta.
2) we stayed in our p.j.'s all day. well mostly all day. it was p.j. day at music class and the kids sported them all around town. i did however throw a pair of jeans on after class.
3) i did a 40 minute run tonight. haven't ran in months. i have become a spin and weight class junkie and forgot about my out door running shoes. it was fun mostly, except for the odd giant puddle or ice patch. it was especially cute that timber would call for the dog whenever she was out of sight.
4) i am less than 24 hours away from an all husband, no children weekend!
5) visited buns and roses organic bakery today and had a deliciously nutritious cookie before signing up at deliahs for an entire years worth of waxing appointments.
*BONUS; i mindfully chose self control today when offered chocolate biscuits at the care centre. and believe i was pretty gentle with the children today as well. gold star for me.
i hear the pillow calling early tonight. in fact it is practically screaming my name. so i off i go . sweet dreams.
Blog Goal is to post photo's of our household accomplishments and details of our fun filled weekend.

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wd said...

Hey lyns
just spent an hour writing a comment after reading all your latest blogs. Then I tried to send it but had to create an accout, and consequently lost the whole dialouge... Arghh!!!
anyways, loved reading all of them (it's been a while since I last browsed your blog), laughed, cried, realated, emphazised and feel blessed.
hope to see you all soon and celebrate jer's grad
love wendy