Monday, February 1, 2010

did i ever tell you???

I have all these fabulous thoughts in my mind at any given time in my day. ideas of sending cards/notes/gifts/thoughts to those i love/think/care/feel about. i think of great topics to blog about and wonderful photo's to share. i make glorious to do lists of random acts/chores/wishes/goals to accomplish. But life gets so so so full of i donno what??? of life i guess and most of these things fall to the way side. like how i am really good at starting books and getting half way through with eagerness only for them to sit with book marks or dog eared pages so long that when the time comes to pick them back up, i almost always have to start over again b/c i have gone far too long and now have no recollection of what the darn writings are about. that's annoying and i liken these other good intentions to that depiction. ahh *sigh*.
so please do forgive me if i have put you in any way on the back burner. i am the busiest person i know and usually that is okay. if i wasn't you likely wouldn't know me or interact with me in any way. b/c i would hide!
BUT i have been meaning to tell you all that i started a new job this month. (yes another one! that brings that grand total up to a wopping 4!) I am of no official title but acting as a director for (there should be a link to the keep edmonton original web site here!) the whole organization not souly the web site. as i gain more and more hours with KEO in the coming months i plan to phase out my 2nd cup job. (did you know i worked there?) Being a doula is slow these days too so that is accommodating.
I now work "from home" and have flexible hours that allow me to, more often than not, haul the kid-lets around with me. i basically am creating relationships with people and communicating the importance of local shopping and business. so perfect for me right? right!
so pass along all your favorite gems of the local world and i will add them to my list of places to encounter. in the interm, let me tell you that where you spend your money really does matter!
Now as promised, here are some photos from christmas and i am relinquishing my aspirations to post a little note or explanation with each and will resolve to just let you have them for eye candy. enjoy.

i find that if i set a blogger goal then i am more apt to accomplish it. (less intentions and more follow through.) the next blog entry, i plan to tell you all the useless info bout our lives that just might prove to be useful. i sense suddenly this need to justify the things that make up my life and it's my blog so &%$#@it i can do that ! :) sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

Your Xmas photos are just like I wish mine were. I wanted to do a really olden days type tree with ornaments of wood and cloth etc. but I decided that the year after I spent a fortune on shiny new glass balls.
Yours is beautiful though.

jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

i wish that you weren't so busy lyns...if only because i really wish we could actually see each other...but it does all sound very awesome and exciting...i just miss you:)love muchly from jenny.