Friday, February 5, 2010

here i go again...

Wow i am a blogging machine these days, okay so it's no twitter equivalent but i am busting out 3 a week it would seem. The reason for that is likely do to the fact that i am discovering how unmotivated i am. oh sure i am dependable and a hard worker, but if it is on someone else's agenda. it would appear that when it is up to me to see to it that things are happening, they don't! errr... i really should be working but the 'new post' option is calling my fingers to the keys. i took yesterday as a mental health day and then was called into 2nd cup. and try as i might to hit up the local shops this afternoon i could not resist the urge to come home to jereme and kiss him over and over again. (and that's where it stopped. honest to goodness. the man was a woman today wanting to talk and catch up. here about my week and just be close to me. seriously???) i did make it to my favorite scrap booking store though and they seemed game but i needed to go anyhow to sign up for next weeks crop. though i am so far greatly enjoying this entry, i did promise to tell of what life looks like for us, or for me. so with out further ado...

*Jereme and i will have been 'together '10'years next weekend. we first held hands and got butterflies on the 13th of february 2000. awww!
*to quote a friend;) even though i know with my whole heart that i married the right person and that i want to be with him, marriage continues to be work for us. but worth every drop of sweat and tears.
*Jereme is half way through is far off schooling and the end is in sight. he is attending RDC b/c NAIT is dumb (= they had no room an hour into registration for 4th year carpenter with a +90% average WTF?)
*we have faught every weekend he has been gone. starts saturday afternoon and ends in the wee hours of monday morning. this suck and i wish it weren't so. these emotions exhaust me.
*so while he is off being studious, i am running the ship here. it's lonely. conversations with 5 &2 year olds only stimulate so far. aside from dropping the kids off with a lovely helping friend every other day or so, i haven't had much meaningful connections these days.
*3 mornings a week i have to be out the door 1.5hrs after waking with the entire day in tow. 2 days i am off to millwoods, (the absolute opposite side of the city for me) and the other to my old stompin' grounds of riverbend. we eat a lot in the car these days. yay for muffins. i only wish i had time to bake them from scratch rather than a mix but you can't win 'em all.
*Sky has school every afternoon which is when timby naps but usually only in the car. so i use that time to visit shops.
*i try to visit with the in-laws every week to 10 days.
*i really like a tidy well organized house and that has proven to be a bit difficult these days, and sometimes that makes me crazy inside.
*i take oils and vit B to combat the craziness i feel. i hate when i am in such a tizzy to get out the door and i forget to pack them cus then i am at the mercy of my agitated self.
*my daughter has to be the BIGGEST doddler i have ever encountered. and i have been a nanny for 7 years to 6 children so i think i have some authority on the issue.
*we squabble like sisters. jereme thinks this is funny, i think it is irritating. i already have 4 sisters to squabble with.
*i really believe in home cooked meals encompassing the food groups and would like to make more home made soup in all my free time.
* i try to hit the gym @ least 3 times a week but prefer 5-6.
* spin class and group power are my fav's
*i have lost 63 pounds and kept it off for a year. i did however enjoy the X-mas season a little too much and managed to pack on 10lbs. i have been trying hard (but not my hardest) to get these pounds back off. so i am thinking about food and the like more than usual. i am also in a lot of bakeries these days with KEO.
*i know 10 doesn't sound like much, but it is a dress size and since i pro-actively disposed of all my too big clothes, i am living in leggings these days. Thank my mercies that those things are bacK in!
*i usual work saturdays at the cup and tend to pick up a shift a week on week nights.
*there is much more home work in kindergarten that i had expected and this requires my participation. i admit that i may have written out skylars sentences for her today. not frowned upon, just cautioned against.
*sundays are church days. I am usually involved in the service in one way or another be it snack helper, nursery supervisor, simpleton, or communion. and in theory we like to have family time on these days and try to include lauren in this. but that has been difficult since we haven't really been speaking the last 4 sundays.
*i have really great friends and am usually invited to hang out with them each week. i love to do this and try to make every effort to connect.
* i do the finances and event planning around here too and am usually scrambling to meet the deadlines. i would like to set it up automatically but that requires 1) that your account balance is paid on time and 2) that you have time during regular bussiness hours to set it up.
* i am part of the founding members of a group at church that meets regularly and that requires some outside involvement.
* i am desiring to spend more time in intentional prayer, especially for lauren whom i am confirmation sponsor for.
*every 6 weeks roughly we have dinner club. the highlight of my agenda!
*we also attend meetings on marriage 1/mo. these are potluck.
*get creative by scrapbooking and am so close to finishing timbers 1st year that i can taste it. hence the crop night next week.
*we do not have a t.v but watch greys anatomy and private practice (or as jer calls it, private parts) on line. i am perterbed that they have been pre-empted so often lately. this is my way of turning off.
*i also try hard to spend time meaningfully connecting with my kids either by crafting, playing, reading or cuddling. we really like to have dance parties.
*if i can resist the urge to blog then i try to respond to emails and if it is before 10p.m i will return phone calls. but i often fall asleep with the kids for an hour+ nap and then it is time to prep for the day ahead.
*if the day ahead is a friday then i spend about 30-45 minutes preparing my weight watchers meeting. which by the way i kick ass at.
*tomorrow i am home ALL DAY with no real expectations other than mexican night for dinner club. i plan to tidy up and possibly head to spin class. then i will whip up a batch of the most delicious cheese smothered nachos and head to the berki/vriends where i will eat way too much food, drink too much for a cheap drunk like me and stay out way too late for being a grown up with (obviously too many) responsibilities.

so there. that about brings us up to speed. Once jer is home from school for good with a red seal in hand, then life will surely slow down a little and i will quit at the cup. even though i part of me wants to stay. and i will head off to the mountains with my husband for a little R&R.

BLOG GOAL: next post will be on my trip with mom and the kids to canmore. with photo's! ohhhh-ahhhh!


Anonymous said...

I love you soo much!!
I love that you provide me with more blog to read which ulltimately motivates more procrastination haha
I love that I am mentioned twice in your blog
see you sunday!

wee davies said...

and i love all my spelling errors. ekk!