Thursday, February 18, 2010

flowers for hadassah

usually on the 18th of february, at least the previous 2, we have gone as a family to pick out flowers for hadassah. to remember her short life and to celebrate her going to heaven day. I actually have come to look forward to it and find that it brings me some comfort and peace. a few weeks ago jereme and i talked briefly about today and what we would do since he wasn't going to be around. and i think amongst all the stress he was kinda hoping to just put it on the back burner. i can't say i judge him for this, i can understand not wanting to remember sometimes. but i do remember and i want to take time to do so. i didn't know what i would do about getting flowers and to be honest, i didn't put much focus into it today. i did think of the significance of today and i am taking a moment to remember our child gone too soon, but there are not flowers for haddy on our table this evening. and i am not sure how i feel about that.


jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

i LOVE you...(you could make flowers with skylar and timber today..that might make be really special for you all...every year you could bring it out and add another flower)love to your family..LOVE!

Mrs. Spit said...

sending hugs. There is no place she could be that would be too far from you to know that she is loved and remembered and missed.

Good Timing said...

Love and hugs to you. I hear and feel this all too much. I know I would like to do something next year as well. I miss you. Love you lots.