Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, lets see here. there are no photos of our house hold accomplishments because we didn't have any. accomplishments that is. and the fun filled part, well it was fun to a lesser degree than anticipated. at first i was really cheesed about this. and my post would have gone something like...
as you may recall from a post i had in november, it would seem that our family is destined for the hard road, the disappointed road. it would seem that life always pours us a glass half empty and that we are destined for difficult times. the long awaited for weekend of accomplishment and fun time was counteracted by a nasty case of (suspected) strep throat which left me tired and irritable. we had a good time friday night but by saturday morning it was hard to swallow and by noon i had a fever, aches and chills. i started a homeopathic treatment and i laid in a hot bath for an hour or more before moving to the couch where i slept for hours. so much for good conversation or food. i couldn't open my mouth to speak and i had to force my self to swallow the natural build up saliva. we canceled the dinner reservation and planned on a night in. but a witch brew and few ib profin later i was feeling some relief so we headed out with friends to a different restaurant and then played some games, but by the time dessert had been eaten, it hit me ten fold. By sunday morning i was crying in agony and after a sneeze left me convinced that i blown out part of my pallet, i let Jereme take me to the dr. instead of out to brunch and for a nice walk as planned. we were turned away from medi-centre one as they were passed max capacity. (seriously???) and at the next one there was one dr. on and 9 people ahead of us. what's your guess for wait time? come on make a guess. my guess was 1.5 hrs. jers guess was 50 min. would you believe it took 2 hours 20 minutes to see the guy? I spent most of this time sleeping on jers shoulder while he read the only magazine in the room. (some lame canadian parenting thing.) and since when do they not allow t.v in the waiting room? hello it was the gold medal game people!!! we were ticked. so a 'say awe' and a 'does this hurt" later i had a RX for antibiotics and t3's. then came the wait at the pharmacy and eventually we ended up at moms house to retrieve the children and catch the end of the game. (YAY CANADA!!!) i felt like death and jer took the kids home while i had a nap in my moms soaker tub for 1hr 45 minutes. (yes, i slept in the tub.) I won't bore with more useless details except to say that it was hard to come home to children who wanted me when, even if i had wanted to snuggle and hold them, i was much too contagious to be in contact with them. and inevitably, the house was a disaster after 2 hours with daddy.
all these things made me so angry and i found my thoughts going to the place where they usually go after these events. to the 'we always get the shaft' thoughts. and then i remembered some of the lessons i have been learning in this lents reflections. and about how those thoughts and feelings are not of gentle nature.
So in addition to the facts above i would like to say this;
I am thankful for my parents watching the kids so we could have a weekend of no children. this meant i could rest and focus on health with out having to focus on them. my husband too could spend time with me while i was ill as a result in stead of having to solely care for our children. we are so fortunate to live in place where we pay next to nothing for our health care and our system is not corrupt. we have blue cross and therefor paid only $4 for my RX. we enjoyed the company of good friends and watched good movies and funny t.v. we laughed together and enjoyed just being near one another. those are all wonderful things. and heck, we even saved some money by missing out on a few things. the glass is half full.

next blog= the answer to the question of why my children have a funky rash? and plans for a week of observing differently.


jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

as i write this i am trying to think of ways to communicate the love i have in my heart for you...i often have the reaction of 'the world is against me',when life is crappy...i realized what totally sucks about it is a complete lack of perspective...i am proud of you lynsae, for taking the high road. you inspire me. love, jenny.

Anonymous said...

that sounds poopey but like jenny I am proud of the positive perspective too!! I love you! When can we hang out so I can help clean or organize or water your plants or something haha?