Friday, March 19, 2010

answer me this?!

Please dear readers. If you are really out there, answer me this! are all office type jobs a total f-up in the communication department? is there some rule i have not been exposed to living under my mommy, coffee girl rock that says communicating and being clear on who does what when is a joke? have you found this in your work places of past or current? I want to know if I am being unrealistic in my frustration or if i can cry my eyes out and demand better. so please, tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

I do not have a comment about your post other than when being in a place where communication is necessary I do the best I can??..
but... while your online, checkout this blog post, I know you will love it if you havent already seen it.
If you dont love it youll at least have an opinion about it!

Love you!
ps your children are sleeping peacefully which I type :)

Anonymous said...

I can't say that they are all like that but I have worked in a lot of offices (and I do mean a lot) as a temp and you do have to watch your ass!
I keep copies of all of my emails and ask people to email me when they want something so that I always have some proof of what the expectations actually were.
I am currently in a really sh*tty work environment right now too.
The woman I work under throws up her hands and walks away everytime I offer a suggestion on something and she ignores me when I talk to her. Then she wonders why something didn't get done but she doesn't even take the time to show me what it is she wants me to do (like where the files I need to work on are stored). She is so irritating.
And no, you have the right to demand to be treated with dignity. Sorry it's so harsh L.

wee davies said...

thanks M for the response. i appreciate the insight. have taken you up on the emails and have been cc-ing everyone else on them.