Sunday, March 14, 2010

work it

sooo tired tonight, but wanted to post.
if you know me in real life then you no doubt know that one of my biggest vices, is the entirety of Hawksley workman.
[go to] tonight i got to see the man live for the 10th time! ( more if you count the side stages at folk fest ;p) this was a super event in my week. and i needed it! i am not sure what was the highlight, the great music, the funny stories of touring and child hood anecdotes, or the bedazzled tye-dye jump suit. one things for sure, it was, as always, amusing and inspiring. i will take the man up on his offer to start making new mistakes. as his neighbor told him to do. the old ones are become mundane and a drag.

if you haven't heard the songs, you should. the lyrics always get me at some level.
one of my favorites of late =

Lyrics to We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time) :

I never cried so much
You've been taking me apart
You gonna put me back together?
You gonna start me from the start?

I've been wrecking my blood
Been wrecking my brains
Been killing my heart
I've been living with the pain

Cause when we fight sometimes
When we're clawing at each other
Got to think it's all for something at the end of all the trouble
Got to build something to last
Not to let it crumble fast
Want to be the ones left standing
After all the time has passed

And if I'm feeling unplugged
Feeling swept under the rug
Need to hold the lantern for me
Need to pick me back up
Want to remember all the things that we said we want to do
Don't want to start to pull away
Cause it's easier to do
When you look at something ugly that you thought you hid away
When it's coming back to haunt you on an unsuspecting day
We're going to be the harbor where we can just tie our little boats
A place to fight off all the lions that keep gnashing at our throats

Everybody that we trust says it's harder than it looks
Something good's a constant struggle when there's a tree there to be shook
Better believe the wind will blow
It'll try to push you down
It'll try to pull your roots
And leave you lying on the ground...

We'll make time even when there ain't no time
And we'll make love in the middle of the night...

I hope we're older someday
And we've grown so much
I hope that we still feel the warmth there
In our kiss and in our touch
Cause the world is against you
When you're after something true
(Is forever really true?)
It ain't the fashion to be faithful
Even though it's hard to do
And it's true sometimes
Even the good ones fall away
You have to keep the fire burning every night and every day
I know it's pretty old fashioned
Is forever really true?

But when I say that you're for me
And baby, baby I'm for you
And though the grass is always greener but you still have to cut it
And the scars you get together
Are the scars you really covet
And at night when we are lovers
And we're mucking up the covers
And it's all about our eyes
And we've forgotten all the others
When we're laying there in silence
In the comfort and the quiet
And you hold me as we fall asleep
In the corners of the night
And though we say it on the phone
Out in public or alone
And then we write it down in letters
When the other one's not home...
[ We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time) Lyrics on ]

***oh and the run was a non event. no registration on race day. so i guess for me it will 10*09*10.

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