Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am unsure as to where i would like this post to go. there are so many blog ideas zooming around my head at all times. i struggle to narrow it down to which will most satisfy the craving to share. (this is where the previous blogging goals came in handy!) i did up load photo's tonight and it has been a while since there were any photo's. do you remember how i was going to challenge myself to capturing everyday beauty? well i did make several good catches over the last week+. maybe we should go with that?

it started with some sunlight and a jar on the counter...

and then i had E for a day and who doesn't think those eye's are beautiful?

and i was lucky enough to see my sister loads this month and so here is her #4 Beauty. (really! )

and then there was this sun rise that i was blessed to see as a result of Timbers new waking hour of 6:25a.m.

and there was the last of the fall peaches...

sorting through this stack of unopened mail was a beautiful thing indeed!

and there was our week of spring before...

heading back into this winter wonderland. skyli wanted to know if this meant we could do christmas again?

and the thought i have been thinking most today is why do i have days where all i want is sweets? and how P.O'd i am that i have thrown away a diligent tracking day and 75 minute work out on a chocolate biscotti!


jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

hello beautiful family. we miss you guys. give us a call when you are able to kick it with the zapfs!

Alida said...

Have I told you lately how very glad I am to have reconnected with you? It's so great to have this regular little online peek into your world.

Are you going to be in Calgary anytime soon? Let me know if you are!