Thursday, March 25, 2010

high five!

and here are todays top 5!

1. after a 1hr fit, i got Eli to calm down by putting his shoes on. go figure?
2. did a major revamping of our bulk food storage after spending some serious $ and bringing home the goods from the new bulk barn. (if you have one, you gotta go!) it feels so good to organize!

3. left the house with out make up for the first time in weeks. i felt so free!
4. went to skylars show and share night at school. she was so excited to show us her special place.

5. used my new spin shoes (thanks to kijiji) and increased my tension and burned +630cals in 1 hour doing my own class. my instructor would be so proud.
*BONUS*. made a delicious steak sandwhich supper, and did not surcome to any biscotti.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for dinner!!!
Im glad you had a good day! I hope we can hang out again soon!

jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

what is life without biscotti?

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Bulk Barn. Thanks L.

Do you know if the deals are better than say, Superstore?

We buy an insane amount of nuts and raisins etc. and it doesn't look like it's actually cheaper. I wonder if they have a better selection.

jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

beware the naughty biscotti.