Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So to help me let go and get into a good space, last night after turning off the computer i grabbed my old friend (dslr) and snapped a few photo's. it didn't take long and i felt accomplished and saw things thru the lens. i haven't done that lately and photography is my passion. it was another way to gain new perspective. my house was in disaray and this helped me to see the beauty in a house that was well lived in these last few days. little marks and reminders of the children, like signatures on art work, strewn all about.

and the last of the apples from fall market all washed and ready to enjoy! yum-yum.

and this ties in nicely to the blog goal. i am starting a little me project. hopefully this weekend. i will spend one week seeing the beauty of everyday and i will photograph these things and share them with you. whoever you are.
and the next blog goal in addition to that is about fitness and nutrition. how am i doing at shedding those xmas pounds?
good night now!

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