Wednesday, March 17, 2010

stollen! well, borrowed really

I found this idea on another blog. I think it is okay to use it. maybe i should have checked on that??? i will take my chances.
i really wanted to post and though i have note of blog ideas scribbled all over and a few photos to upload, i found this an appealing way to get some typing out.

CELEBRATING; the completion of my woman's work shop. i did it. i wanted to quit quite honestly at the start, but wise words from both my mom and mama-in-law reset my thinking and i am glad i stuck it out. i am still learning from it and i think that if i stick with the material, it will really help me to create boundaries and exert assertiveness.

SEWING; ha! right. in my dreams i am sewing curtains for the kids room, bags for the bulk store, and for snacks, buttons on clothing, accents on paper for scrap booking.... and the dream continues.

READING(hard cover); still working on the midwives, greengreenergreenest, on economy one for work and the message for lent readings. have i mentioned how good i am at starting books? oh so good at starting books.

READING (on line); i wish i knew how to link from a word to the sites, but i don't. i frequent about 8 blogs regularly. usually before heading up to bed. i will highlight the blog in which i found this fascinating little post idea. and the blog in which i believe she found it for herself. both of which i like a lot. and i will list them in that order.

note: i particularly enjoy apron strings most recent post on getting out of the house, wasting time on the net and the dinner hour. this captures my thoughts on the subjects quite nicely!

RUNNING; late for bed. i am not sure when this post will say it was put up b/c that time always wrong, but it is in fact 10 to midnight as i type.

OBSESSING OVER; 1. day timers and trying to gain some order to my days
2. finding spin shoes that are comfy, nice looking and affordable

THINKING; a lot about friendship lately. about old friends new friends, where some go, and why i don't know where. how others are always there. why some friendships are like jr high relationships now when we are approaching our 30's? about reconnecting with some, forgetting about others. do i want to be my kids friend and parent. can i be both? what is friendship over just being buddies? are my sisters my friends or are we just immeshed sisters? or are we just good sisters? can i be friends with my parents or is that asking for therapy? i am thinking a lot about friendship


jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

i have been thinking about you friend. i am so glad we never lost each other. you are a true treasure. love from jenny.

Anonymous said...

I love you friend!