Thursday, March 25, 2010

a good-good night

I had my first thursday for me night. Jereme and i have decided we get to rotate thursday nights for ones self, no strings, 7 rolls around and you are free! tonight was my first one. i went on a lovely girls night with book worm stephy. ( we found treasures at good will and then had a heart to heart over caramel correto's and cheesecake. i so needed it. thanks friend! my favorite treasure found @ the g-mart? old school tupperware, you know of the yellow variety with the corrugated top? oh-yeah!
And a happy b-day to L2 ( i thought about you all day today and have a prezie for you.
{next post is of an idea i have for fun times for busy ladies.}


Anonymous said...

the all for you thursdays sounds like a great idea!

Good Timing said...

What a great idea for Thursdays. :) Thanks for the birthday wishes and the phone call! Looking forward to getting together next week!