Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hmmm...that was nice.

think about this scene,
being of likeness to GOD, Jesus came to earth as a baby. A mind full of knowledge and a being full of glory. he came to a couple, newly married, already outcast and as a helpless babe. he became a toddler, with so many thoughts and feelings, and no efficient way of sharing them, and so he continued, as human being, through the awkwardness of adolescence, into the young man he was when he was betrayed and crucified. if you are a parent, or a spouse or both or even neither, think of that. if you have held a baby in your arms, you know how fragile they are. how dependant upon others they are for their needs. imagine how humbling that must have been for the king of the world? and if you have had the privilege of interacting with a 2 year old, you know how lovely they can be but also how hard it is for them. they know so much, think so much and feel so much yet are bound by their inability to effectively communicate or be heard. now i doubt that Jesus was having temper tantrums over not getting the last fig, but he was still 2. and imagine being the parents. do you know/remember the growing and challenges of those first years of marriage? now add they fact that you are shunned for having a pregnancy out of wedlock and the knowledge that you are raising the Son of God.
these are some of the thoughts my husband shared in our morning prayer time. and i found them to be breath taking and beautiful. have you prayed with someone lately? you should try it. i forgot how lovely it is.

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