Tuesday, March 2, 2010

this is all i got

So this will short and sweet.
the rashes are different stages of the strep virus. (go figure!) and now all 4 of us are the anti antibiotic users.
the plans for looking at things differently will have to wait until another day.

there has been a tornado move through our house tonight and though i saw the warnings, i was not prepared and i am in the midst of cleaning up the devastating after math. don't make a fuss now, this is just a part of what has become our life. there is joy in the hopes of tomorrow. good night.


Anonymous said...

I carry strep.. just so you know... I probably shouldnt come around til you are all completely better cause you may just catch it again (this is how we figured out I was a carrier... I got it over and over and over again even on antibiotics cause my daddy is also a carrier and we didnt know that)
This makes me sad because I was gonna call and ask when I could come around today :( :(

jz2 + faz + soleil = heart said...

we pray health over the davies home...